Scoping Surveys & Phase 1 Surveys

Need an ecology survey? We can help!

Phase 1 SurveyPlease read on for a brief description of the type of ecological surveys and habitat surveys offered by Betts Ecology & Estates.

Ecocheck Site Surveys

An ecocheck is a quick habitat audit to give you a snapshot of a site before you commit to purchasing a piece of land.

Baseline & Phase 1 Surveys

Fully compliant baseline surveys supported by clearly written reports, including a Phase 1 habitat plan, ready for you to submit with your planning application. All our survey reports comply with the latest regulations and guidelines. Further surveys may be required before a planning application can be submitted if European Protected Species (EPS) are present onsite – but we can help you with those too, of course.

Phase 1 Habitat Survey

A basic Phase 1 Habitat Survey follows Natural England's published procedure and comprises mapping of habitats using standard codes, producing a map from this and adding informative target notes for features of interest. This survey can be carried out at any time of year, although vegetation tends to be easier to identify in spring or summer.

Habitat SurveyExtended Phase 1 Survey

More detailed than the former, the Extended Phase 1 Survey which also includes species lists, remarks on biodiversity, legal and planning context, an appraisal of nature conservation value and identification of protected species or signs of their presence and other notable features. A written report of results with conclusions and appropriate recommendations for any necessary compliance or further investigation is the outcome of such a survey. Extended Phase 1 Surveys can be carried out at any time of year, although vegetation tends to be easier to identify in spring or summer.

Phase 2 Surveys

Phase 2 surveys are essentially vegetation surveys following prescribed and advanced methods of investigation and identification of plan communities: the old adage that “plants create habitats and animals live in them” is broadly true for most terrestrial ecosystems. Understanding exactly which plant species occur,  their frequency, cover and relative abundance in an area, tells us much about the environmental conditions, general ecology and history of the site. A Phase 2 Survey is an invaluable tool for assessing impacts, monitoring and planning mitigation or enhancement for biodiversity.

Arboricultural Surveys

Betts can provide a variety of tree surveys, all to BS5837 standard.

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