Protected Species and other Specialist Surveys

Need a protected species survey? We can help!

Protected Species

We provide a wide range of ecological surveys, from protected species surveys like bat surveys, badger surveys and great crested newt surveys to general ecological surveys like Phase 1 surveys, habitat surveys and arboricultural / tree surveys.

With a wide range of skills and licences, we are equipped to meet all of your pre and post planning ecological survey requirements, including those listed below. Please click on the links for more information.

Betts Ecology takes on your protected species surveys based on your specific requirements, freeing up your time to focus on what you do best.

There are over 650 flora and fauna species with strict legal protection in the UK, many of which are also specially protected under European legislation. Careful consideration must be given in any situation where there is potential for impacts on them or their habitat. Should such species be detected on a site, Betts Ecology will advise on how best to proceed and how to avoid contravening the complex and tough regulations that now apply, and help you ensure you do not fall short of statutory responsibilities.

Mitigation Licences

We will write your protected species mitigation licences, submit them to the Authorities on your behalf, then implement and sign them off, giving you the peace of mind that your planning conditions will be met in full.

We have many years of successful casework experience in protection, prevention, mitigation and translocation work. Our staff are highly trained and hold appropriate licences. There is also now a formal duty to take account of biodiversity which Local Authorities and others must apply. This, with prior consideration of any protected species, is a requirement for all planning submissions. It is essential, therefore, to commission protected species surveys in the earliest stages of project design and planning, remembering also that there may be a further time lag whilst waiting for the appropriate survey season.

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